As an individual or as a business have you ever thought about seriously using a product like Skype?  This type of product is called “Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)” and it has the potential to be a truly disruptive technology.  Skype and similar products have been around for some time but after some initial quality problems they have not yet replaced tradition telephone systems. Why not?

Over the next few weeks members of Huntingdonshire Business Network (HBN) are going to be putting VOIP telephony under the spotlight.

  • How do you get your colleagues, customers and suppliers on board so that everybody can really save on their telecommunication costs?
  • How can networking groups like HBN use VOIP as a collaboration tool?
  • How can a non-geographic telephone number help me?
  • How do I use VOIP on my smartphone?
  • Have the call quality issues been resolved?
  • How can I use my existing contact database rather than create a new one?
  • Is video conferencing a practical proposition?
  • What realistic product choices are there in this field?

If this subject is of interest or you just want to network with like-minded local businesses come along to one of our 1230 Friday Meetings.  For more details please check out

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