Demystifying the Cloud – 12 July 2011

Tuesday 12 July 2011  12.00 – 2.00pm

University Centre Peterborough, Park Crescent,

Peterborough, PE1 4DZ

I am Deputy Chairman of the Cambridgeshire Chamber ICT sector and we are holding an event where we plan to demystify the Cloud.

Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, predicts that by 2014 cloud services revenue will balloon to $148.8 billion worldwide – But what is cloud computing?

 Cloud Computing remains a subject shrouded in mystery and yet it isn’t hard to see why this particular IT model appeals to so many CEOs and senior executives.  There is a growing awareness of the need for a company to be able to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the business environment and, with the economy in such a fragile state, anything that can cut capital requirements has an obvious appeal.

While the technology behind Cloud Computing is well established, the market is relatively new and some believe that 2011 could be the year in which businesses move from merely talking about Cloud Computing to putting at least some of their IT services into the Cloud.

A presentation from Quest Computing will give delegates an understanding of Cloud Computing and whether it is the right solution for you, and will seek to answer some important questions:

What are the benefits of a cloud solution over traditional IT models?

Is Cloud Computing the right solution for every business?

What about reliability, security, scalability and resilience of a cloud solution?

The session will also include a case study from Catalyst Computing Services on how they are helping one company to save £10,000s in hardware and communications costs by using Cloud Computing.


To book your place on this seminar, please reply directly to this e-mail or call Kelly and Helen on 01733 370809.

Cost £17.00 (plus VAT) Chamber members

£22.00 (plus VAT) non-Members


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