Political Klout

Louise Mensch MP           +K  79
Grant Shapps MP             +K  65
Julian Huppert MP         +K  60
(Richard Wishart                   +K  43)

All politicians nowadays have websites, email addresses and (sometimes) blogs.  – being a politician is all about effective communication – whether on “Question Time” or “PMQs”. So why are so few politicians really embracing social media ?

@Julianhubbert, @grantscapps and @LouiseMensch are my favourites – and as you can see from their Klout scores they are really good.  I recommend that you follow them.

One of the main reason for the “Hacking Enquiry” being so effective was that a small core of the Select Committee MP “activists” could get their messages out to the public directly – without having to butter up the printed media.

I would really like to hear from Jeremy Hunt, David Willetts and Mark Prisk on social media.  In particular I would like to understand “who gets it” and who “doesn’t”  There seems to be a “false” protocol that Minsters are free to engage in debate on “Question Time” but not on Twitter !! What nonsense.

Who gave the Prime Minister advice on last weeks riots – and suggested shutting down social media? What nonsense. Pleased to see that Julian Hubbert on the Home Affairs Select Committee agrees with me (on Twitter)

At the next Election I will only vote for a Politician who is prepared to engage effectively with social media – so they better get some practice in !!

Being prepared to justify their views and ideas on a “public hustings” is the mark of a really good and effective Member of Parliament. A “Husting” used to be a soapbox in front of a crowd in the market place. Today it is in Social Media.









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