The Next Generation of Social Media – 14th September event

This Summer has been chosen by the main Social Media players to launch their long awaited “next generation” products.  The two big launches have been Google+ and the enhanced Linkedin App – and in my opinion these will completely transform the Social Media scene. They have dramatically improved functionality and are  far simpler to use.

So if you want to start in Social Media – now is the time.  Start off on the new platforms and steal a march on your competition. There are a whole suite of really useful new Apps within and alongside these new products. Streams, Hangouts, Sparks, Huddles and Linkedin Today.

Accessing social media has also undergone a major transformation. New Apps on iPhone and Android. Also smart televisions with Wifi and Social Media Widgets. Do your Business Cards have a Social Media invite built into a QR Code?  All of these developments will be demonstrated.

Delivery Management will be holding this open and “completely free” Social Media event with a buffet on the 14th September. 1130-1400 at the Huntingdon Bowls Club on St Peter’s Road in Huntingdon.  There is no need to book – but it would be helpful if you could send an email to Richard Wishart on to let us know you are coming

Richard Wishart will be explaining how his BtB Technology Consultancy business is exploiting the new Social Media and will be demonstrating the new Social Media tools, Social Media Apps and Social Media QR codes. He will even be demonstrating social media on a web-TV

The practical demonstrations will include WordPress, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus Apps used on smartphone and tablet techgnology.  We expect all attendess to be able to generate and distribute content via Social Media by the end of the event. We are also hoping to be able to demonstrate the new Linkedin “apply” button for the recruitment industry.

Richard will be supported by a very knowledgably and effective group of local Social Media experts. Dr Chris Thomas, Ann Hawkins and Desiree Ashton.

Unfortunately not all companies will be able to successfully adopt the new Social Media technologies. Two key pre-requisites are a Board level commitment to “Collaboration” and “Open Innovation” without which you might be better using old fashioned telemarketing and direct mail.  Social Media is not an “add-on” – it is a “way of thinking” and a “core value”

If you would like to experiment with G+ before the event – let me know and I will send you a pre-release invite. All attendees at the event will be provided with a Google+ invite which is not yet publicly available. is the link to the event details on Linkedin. Where you can show interest in the event and pre-network with other attendees and presenters.

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