Magpas Helimedix: ProMPT Action – Saving Lives

Darren and Antonia from Magpas gave a really compelling presentation at HBN’s AGM on Friday. If you or your loved ones are involved in a major incident in the East of England, you can only hope that the volunteer consultants, medics and paramedics of the charity Magpas are there at the scene.

Charity? Volunteers? Yes, and the only ones to fly their helicopters to accident scenes by night. Since Magpas’ origins in 1971, they have attended over 50000 patients at the 0.01% of 999 calls that can only be described as the “Worst of the Worst”. Where survival chances in such instances are usually calculated as at 50% at best, Magpas are improve those survival chances by a dramatic 20%.

Based in Wyton, Magpas covers the whole of East of England, attending not just by helicopter but also by more conventional transport. No swoop and scoop operation, their on-site ProMPT (Professional Medics + Paramedics + Training) action permits emergency treatment on the spot, with some of the most up to date materials available.

How fortunate for the tree surgeon, who fell onto his chainsaw and nearly decapitated himself, that the Magpas team attending was able to immediately staunch the voluminous blood flow with cellox , a revolutionary material from the battlefields. They had only taken it on a fortnight before his accident.

Volunteers, Charity. Funded purely by donations. That’s why Darren and Antonia were there at HBN, bringing the message to us in inspiring and moving stories.

For just as we need them, they need us to support them.

(picture and content by +Chris Thomas)

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