The St Ives “Greenhouse”

Visited the St Ives “Greenhouse” initiative with Huntingdonshire Business Network  #hbneco and was tremendously impressed.

We were shown around by Chris Jablonski (Environment Team Leader) and Heidi Field (Education and Promotion Officer) from Huntingdonshire District Council.  A website about the project is at

I was extremely impressed by the extent of the project and the expertise of our guides.

  • A brand new approach to building insulation
  • Efficient water saving features including rainwater harvesting
  • LED lighting has been installed for significant energy savings
  • An air-source heat pump (ASHP) and ‘SmartRads’ for heating
  • A domestic energy management system has been incorporated
  • Water heating is provided by the flat panel solar thermal
  • Solar photovoltaic panels on south facing roof
  • Sedum blanket roof with specialist water-proof membrane
  • A sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) driveway
  • The gardens encourage biodiversity, recycling, composting and home grown produce.

Huntingdonshire District Council should be thoroughly congratulated on the project. It should be encouraged to update the technologies employed where there have already been significant advances.  Local environmental companies should be actively promoted within the project and far greater use should be made of this excellent facility for local businesses and communities.

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