New Hybrid Mail Service in Latvia

Latvian Post is now offering a new hybrid mail service: sending a letter by physical mail over the Internet

Latvian Post , in cooperation with the portal have begun offering a new service called “hybrid”. The Latvian Post website now provides the opportunity for any client to send a real letter by mail, without leaving your home – only electronically transmitted to the correspondence contents. It will be printed, placed in an envelope and delivered to the addressee. In this way it is possible to send a simple letter within Latvia.  

Hybrid mail is a particularly convenient way to service those customers who routinely spend much time at the computer and are too busy to go to the post office, buy envelopes and stamps and send letters of transfer. Solution to this problem is now offering Latvian Post , in cooperation with , for its part by providing letters and envelopes, printing, photography adding a consignment, the consignment payment of postage and delivery to the addressee.

Client web site is  The electronic message comprises – the letter, the sender and the recipient’s name and address,  It must  be accompanied by the required attachments – such as photographs or other documents. A letter in the physical format will be sent to the recipient.

In this way it is possible to send simple messages within Latvia.  It could also be a method of Direct Marketing into the country. The  Hybrid service priced at 1 EUR, and this amount can send a single A4 page or photo. Additional page, photo or sending date change will cost 0.25 Ls.

Service Payment is non-cash settlement with a mobile phone text message.

The letter is submitted to the transmission of the Latvian Post section within 24 hours of service payment date, except for vacations and holidays, when the first letter submitted to the Latvian Post is the day after the holiday.

The new hybrid mail service take a look here .

About JSC Latvian Post

Latvian Post provides postal services throughout Latvian territory, maintaining more than 600 postal service location. The company’s primary function of the universal postal service, in addition to providing the commercial, express delivery, payment, press, retail and philatelic services. Latvian Post is a state wholly-owned company, which employs more than 4,500 employees.

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