Possibly a “First” for the Delivery Management Logo


The Delivery Management “Blue Eagle” logo (above) has just become the key to unlocking the mysteries of Augmented Reality.  We think this might be the very first time that an illustrated QR code has been used as an augmented reality trigger.

Scanned with a QR Code reader like I-Nigma you are taken to the Delivery Management website.

Scanned with the Aurasma App the logo becomes an Augmented Reality trigger and will play a Delivery Management video.

So one multi-function logo – which when scanned as a QR code will take you to one place and when scanned by Aurasma can provide you with a full Augmented Reality experience.

One image – two experiences.

A very big thank you to my Huntingdonshire Business Network colleagues.  +Mervyn Foster for introducing me to Aurasma and +Chris Thomas for creating all the imagery and knitting everything together.

We believe that this is the first time ever that an illustrated QR code has been used as an Augmented Reality trigger.  This idea created on 10th May 2012 could have far reaching consequencies for the “QR code” and “Augmented Reality” concepts

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