The Importance of “on-line” to Business Networking


As any business owner knows effective “networking” is absolutely vital to their business.  From promoting your business, finding collaborators, finding local suppliers and of course putting yourself in front of potential customers.  With the recent advent of “Social Networking” and its rapid adoption by the Small Business community – you now need a credible on-line presence to engage and take advantage.

Huntingdonshire Business Network will be holding a Seminar at 1230 on Friday 7thSeptember, Huntingdon Bowls Club, St Peter’s Road where we will explain the practicalities of setting up and managing an effective on-line presence.

The event will cover the basics of setting up and enhancing your on-line profiles on Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter.  We will also explain how to post content on social media sites and the “tricky” process of connecting with the right people on-line. It is important to find and contribute to the most effective online forums – how best to do this.  There will also be a demonstration of new “event finding” apps like Meetup and how this is dramatically changing the whole networking scene for small business owners.

The event will be very interactive and the idea will be to review “real on-line material” during the Seminar.

This is an open event and all local businesses are encouraged to attend.  There will be a small charge for attendance to cover the cost of a buffet lunch.  (£5.00 members, £10.00 non-members payable at the door)

Please sign up for the event by contacting (or Register on MeetUp HERE: )

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