Using Twitter – a ten point protection plan


I don’t know about you – but I find Twitter an invaluable part of my Social Media toolkit. Particularly useful for tweeting on hash tags at large conferences and exhibitions.

It seems to be that part of the twitter initiation is that your account gets hacked and you send out spurious (and dangerous) direct messages to all your followers.  It happened to me about a year ago – and I got some useful advice that I wanted to share.

1. Always be suspicious of Direct Messages from your contacts that seem out of character

2. Typical messages talk about “Interesting what people are saying about you” and then give a link.

3. Immediately delete any such messages without following the link.

4. When you have been infected change your Password immediately (most important)

5. Send out a Tweet to all your followers explaining that you have been hacked and apologising

6. Always use a secure connection to twitter The “s” is important

7. Looking at your sent tweets you will see all the infected DM’s that you have sent. Delete these messages so that they don’t re-infect

8. As a precaution, click on the little cog image on the top right hand side of, then click on “edit profile”, on the left hand side click on “apps”. This is a list of every 3rd party application that you have granted access to your Twitter account. For example if you use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you will see those listed… these apps need API access to your account so you can read your tweets and respond to messages through their platform.

9. Now look through the list and check for any apps you don’t recognise… if you find an app connected to your Twitter account that concerns you, simply revoke access to the app by clicking the “Revoke Access” button on the right hand side.

10. It is important to remember the social conventions on Social Media.  It you received a hacked DM from one  of the people you are following. Let them know quickly and send them this blog link.  Always send out an apology to make your followers aware.

Hope this is useful. If you have any more good advice on this subject let me know and I will update the blog

Safe Tweeting


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