Letter Sorting Machine for sale – “one careful owner” (Guest Blog)

Peter Cropper from the Isle of Man post office is wanting to sell a Siemens IRV 1000 (Optical Character Reader). This machine is in perfect working order and currently operates on a daily basis. Pictures are above.

The machine has been configured to read and tag mail pieces with the UPU standard bar code to PAF, but could be configured to be compatible with the coding of any postal sorting system or authority. The IRV has twelve stackers, which could be expanded.

Throughput is on average at a rate of >70% read rate (exceeded when all mail pieces are uniform in size and address panel position is consistent) with a speed of >30K per hour, with the capability of camera recognition of hand writing.

Included in the sale would be all Siemens manuals and a selection of spare parts. All spares are readily available on the market.

The sale would be on the condition of purchaser to remove and transport with a price in the region of.£100k. The machine was originally purchased by the Isle of Man post Office for around £1 million.

Any interested parties are welcome to contact me.

Peter Cropper
Operations Director
Isle of Man Post Office
Douglas, ISLE OF MAN, IM2 1AA

Tel       +44 (0)1624 698591
Mob     +44 (0)7624 407864
Web       www.iompost.com


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