Extending Business Processes along your Supply Chain

There is now a real opportunity for companies to extend their business processes along their supply chain (to customers, suppliers and distributors) .  A very elegant and simple App called Starfish CI has just launched.

Starfish CI lets you build iPad replacements for your paper forms, with the ease of drag and drop. See it in action in the video. 

Why not download the app for free at http://tiny.cc/StarfishCI and give it a try. I would really like to hear your opinions.

Starfish CI can replace a paper-based form and send the data straight into SharePoint securely, without the costs, delays and errors of reading and typing: then, business rules can trigger actions such as sending emails or alerts based on the results in the data.

Some Starfish CI customers already take photos straight from the app; then using their finger to draw annotations (eg ‘this is where the new electrical outlets are to be placed’ or  ‘this is where the fault lies’) straight on to the photo. Images, including signatures, appear in SharePoint, right alongside structured data.

I know  Mike Schorah  the technical entrepreneur behind the new product very well and had encouraged him use QR codes. I really like the way he has incorporated the QR code functionality within the overall design.  What do you think ?

Mike very kindly featured Dr Chris Thomas’s book on QR codes which I gave him in the video and I suspect that this might have inspired the really clever product design !! (you can see the book on the right of the table)

This “supply chain extension” of business processes is really simple for small, medium and large companies to implement.

My son-in-law runs a small engineering business in Ramsay and he has a sizeable contract for the repair and refurbishment of equipment.  His customer uses a very simple but effective workflow solution. He receives advance details of the items he will be receiving, on receipt he takes pictures of any damage in transit and appends it to the form, his worksheets are forms and the completion and invoicing are all forms as well.  The big benefit for him is that the complete business process is paperless, the process is robust and his overheads are slashed.

If you want include your chosen carrier more intimately within your processes you need to choose a carrier that will accept an open identifier (embedded in  a QR code) and the parcel company needs to use the open identifier as its key field rather some form of customised solution.  By doing this carriers can start to incorporate specific customer processes and improve the way that they do business.  The best open identifier to use would be the ISO License Plate.

Delivery Management is a leading expert in identification and tracking technology and we are in a very good position to help companies implement these types of solution.  We are looking to run a “Google Hangout on Air” event on “extending business processes along your supply chain” – please let us know if you would like to join the event and we will send you an invitation.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting product please contact

Mike Schorah Mike.Schorah@StarfishCI.com on +44 208 1445789    or

Helen Reinson helen.reinson@del-mgt.com on +44 1480 4651

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