New Cheap Device to Track your Lost Bike

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A small piece of electronic equipment combined with thousands of post offices and postal vehicles can, within a short time track, lost or stolen cars. The Danish company, Commotive A/S, is behind the development of the patented Diims device, which is expected to be a daily commodity within a few years.

Your car, your bike, your scooter, your lawn mower or other beloved assets can now be tracked for less than 60€. A new electronic device called Diims, 4 cm in diameter and 10 mm thick, can be tracked all over Denmark by the vehicles and post offices of the national postal operator, POST DANMARK. – Diims is a cheap and brand new way to track lost items. The technology is simple and effective and can easily be hidden in your most used and valuable assets. We ensure that you can always keep an eye on the geo-position of your assets, says Niels Bjøl, sales director of Commotive.

The small Diims device emits an electronic radio signal which will be received by a dense network of antennas installed in postal vehicles and buildings. The coverage of the postal vehicles is nationwide and the lost asset needs just to be within a range of 10-200 m from the antenna network (e.g. a postal vehicle) to be registered. Shortly after, the owner will be able to check the position online on the Diims website or on his smartphone app.

A lot of Diims devices are already in use. One of the happy Diims owners is Rasmus Bergholt, who earlier this year got his car stolen. Fortunately, he had installed a Diims device in his car just two weeks before and was therefore able to track his car online on the Diims web system – I was positively surprised to see how precisely the Diims system was able to provide me an exact address.

With the police, we headed directly for the location where my car was parked, tells Rasmus Bergholt and continues: – My car could have been anywhere, but only because of the Diims system I was able to find my car again.

Not only was Rasmus Bergholt’s car back at its usual address after a few days, but the police also got important leads in a much larger case of car theft. Thieves might face an uncertain future:

Everybody should install a Diims device in their most valuable assets. Not only because it makes tracking easier, but because it also creates uncertainty amongst potential thieves whether a small tracking device is hidden somewhere. Moreover, we hope that all citizens buying stolen goods will reconsider their buying behaviour in the future, says Niels Bjøl from Commotive.

A certain number of companies and organisations are already using the Diims device. One example is the German group ABUS, leading manufacturer of bike accessories, who in cooperation with Commotive has built in the Diims tracking device in some of its bike accessories enabling easy tracking of the bike. Moreover, police and insurance companies are showing great interest in this new technology, which can be
applied within various product segments, like bikes, cars, scooters, motor bikes, garden machinery and boat equipment.

Diims has its own website, where you can watch the video introduction, find your nearest distributor, check the installation manual and much more. Click on

About Diims

Diims-productDiims is a small, weather proof tracking unit of 4 cm in diameter which can easily be hidden in a car, a bike, a scooter or similar equipment. The unit makes use of the national postal operator, POST DANMARK’s nationwide antenna system by emitting a radio signal which is captured by the postal operator’s vehicles and buildings and afterwards transferred to an online system. The battery of the Diims device lasts two years, and the owner of Diims will be notified by mail when it is time for battery change. Compared with other tracking systems the unit price of Diims is only 54€ incl. battery, subscription fee is 1.5€ per month. Diims has been developed by Commotive A/S and is available for purchase among selected distributors and webshops.

See the video introduction on

About Commotive A/S

Commotive A/S was founded in 2006 and is specialised in data capture systems for the postal industry. The technology of Commotive has already been implemented successfully within the postal industry, where POST DANMARK in 2010 installed several thousands electronic devices in buildings, vans, street mail boxes
and trucks as part of its process improvement project.


For further information, please contact:
 Niels Bjøl, sales director, mail address:

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