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Lil’®A1(DVD) & Lil’®A2(Book) Cardboard Envelopes

Exclusively manufactured by Mainline, the Lil’®envelope brand represents the future of mail-order packaging and has already been chosen by Europe’s largest e-fulfillment companies to replace their need for bubble envelopes to ensure they remain compliant with tariff restrictions of Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’

Sales of this range grew by over 500% in 2009 and 2010 and are expected to do even better in 2011 as blue-chip clients switch from the environmentally unfriendly bubble envelope brands.

Q. Why should I use a Lil’® envelope instead of a bubble envelope? … proven upto 25% faster to pack, greater corner protection, proven to reduce damage in transit/lost packages, 15% cheaper than a Mainline bubble envelope, mailing cost savings, 3 times as many per pallet, compliant with all Royal mail conveying systems & UK letterboxes, more aesthetically pleasing..need we say more !

Q. Why is a Lil’® envelope so green (environmentally)?…we produce the range from a stiff brown material which is derived from recycled post-consumer-waste magazines, newspapers, text books and packaging. The envelopes are 100% recyclable and can then be turned into more Lil’®envelopes. These envelopes do not go into landfill and the carbon footprint of production is zero miles because we print, cut and glue them in our single-site factory.

A Lil’® envelope is best for mailing items upto 23mm depth to comply with ‘large letter’ such as:

• CD / DVD / console games / memory cards
• Paperback books / Calendars / Maps
• Ink cartridges
• Vitamins & supplements
• Photos / Proofs / Certificates

Available in 5 sizes from stock and made-to-order. Please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1480 434848 for further information

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