#Hashtags are now very important


Use of #Hashtags in Social Media content is becoming increasingly important.  The image above contains the most important #Hashtags that I use in my business and I try and incorporate them in all my Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ content.  #Hashtags are now fully functional and work in a similar manner within Twitter and Google+ , Linkedin doesn’t formally support #Hashtags but does produce twitter content which does.

#Postal #eCommerce #cloud #rfid and #trade are the main subjects that I write about on Social Media.  So I always add the appropriate #Hashtags to any content that I create or comment on.  I also search Google+ and Twitter using these #Hashtags to find the latest and most interesting content in my field.

#postexpo and #meds are two big conferences that I will be participating in this year.

The Mail and Express Delivery Show (#meds) will take place in London on 25th June and I will be chairing the international eCommerce track

eCommerce Track: Taking the effort out of the foreign market
The rest of the world has an appetite for British brands – how retailers can painlessly fulfil this demand working with their delivery partners.

Post Expo 2013 (#postexpo) will take place between 1-3 October in Vienna. I have been asked to speak about:

Adopting the latest tracking technologies in an omni-channel world
The presentation will explain how to exploit some of the latest tracking technologies such as Jiiva, Droptag, Commotive and Starfish CI. There will also be an update on how augmented reality and passive RFID solutions are evolving.

Using these #Hashtags allows me to contact attendees before during and after the events.   Tweeting during an event can be really effective if the organisers have thought about promoting the #Hashtag and making sufficient free WiFi available at the venue.  

#Hashtags are now becoming an important and necessary feature when creating on-line content and there are some hints that they will feature in the recognition of authorship of social content.

Please contact me if you would like to know more  – if there is sufficient interest I would be happy to run a webinar/hangout of the subject.

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